Banquet Programs

1967-’68 Wrestling Banquet Program– Browse through the names on the roster and you’ll see the strong foundations of today’s Bedford Mules.

1968-’69 Wrestling Banquet Program – A new era begins with a Great Lakes League Championship and a new Athletic Director. Anyone rememeber the lilting tones of Welshman Frank Stagg the banquet Master of Ceremonies?

1969-’70 Wrestling Banquet Program – The Mules smash the amazing records of 1968-’69 and bring home Bedford High School’s first District Championship.

1970-’71 Wrestling Banquet Program – For the first time ever a Mule sophomore wins a match in the State Tournament. Now familiar names enter the line-up as sophmores and read how senior team leaders show true grit.

1971-’72 Wrestling Banquet Program  The “winning-est team in Bedford history” (up to this point). This program is for any mom who’s washed a singlet, cheered until hoarse, cried, or sat on a bleacher for 12 hours. The program’s dedicated to “the winning-est moms in Bedford sports history.” This program is a must read for today’s Bedford Wrestler, you’ll see.

1972-’73 Wrestling Banquet Program – Bedford’s Mighty Mules begin to become a force in the state. They place 3rd in the State Tournament and Bedford fans watch the first perfect season by any wrestler AND it’s a junior. (Seriously Mules read all about the ’72-’73 team!) It’s also the 5th straight year the team wins GLL. The program is dedicated to the coaches wives. Not enough can be said about their unwavering support.

1973-’74 Wrestling Banquet Program – The Mighty Mules are learning. They emerge 3rd in the District and Region and 7th in the state. Meanwhile you’ll see how the community support builds as Grapplerettes, Boosters, and school staffers join in to do countless tasks.

1974-’75 Wrestling Banquet Program -The Mules have a tough state tournament but legendary wrestlers take to the mat and the seniors teach lessons that future Mules will need to push through to the next level.  Plus another Bedford tradition is growing, graduates have begun to return to the wrestling room to help hone the skills of the young grapplers. “Once a Mule Always a Mule.”

1975-’76 Wrestling Banquet Program – Read the story of this championship season. 1st in the GLL, 1st in the District, 1st in the Region, and 1st in the STATE. Bedford’s very first STATE CHAMPIONSHIP. Not only are they first in the state it is the first time any Monroe County School is home to a state championship team.  “There is no greater place, no greater school, no greater community and no greater people involved in wrestling in the whole nation than right here in Bedford Township.” Just a snippet from this must read program.

“Bedford Wrestling is great because of the challenge that each class gives to the next and because of the records that each class breaks over the others.”  That’s a snippet from the 1976-’77 Banquet Program. It’s coming soon and you don’t want to miss it because it details the story of how a dynasty took root.