Tastefully Simple Fundraiser

tastfullysimplelogo.jpgTami Evans, Tastefully Simple consultant, has offered a fundraiser to raise money for the Mule Muscle Extreme Makeover project. 100% of funds raised through this fundraiser will go toward building a new weight room facility and wrestling room at the high school.This fundraiser will run September 18th to October 16th. All orders can be placed online and will be delivered direct to you, which eliminates all the extra work. Please consider ordering Tastefully Simple products through this link.


New Wrestling Space

logo_2_-_weights.jpgBedford wrestlers have always worked out in an underground locker room. Over the years, many alumni have expressed the desire to help the wrestlers build a better facility. Finally this dream of a new space for wrestlers can become a reality.

Bedford Wrestling is part of a new fund raising campaign called Mule Muscle, Inc. The non-profit organization is embarking on an aggressive fundraising campaign to build a new weight room. Once the new weight room is constructed the current weight room will be renovated for the use by the wrestling team.

Combining with all the sports to build a weight lifting facility will benefit all athletes and physical education students. Plus, along with access to a state of the art weight lifting facility Bedford Wrestling will move up from the basement. The current space can barely accommodate 5 practice circles the renovated room next to the gym that will accommodate 14 wrestling practice circles.

No taxes are being used to raise money for the new weight room. This campaign will focus on alumni donations and fundraising events. We’ll be announcing events and developments here but there is more information available at the new website Mule Muscle and you’re invited to join the Mule Muscle Fan Page on Facebook. Find out how to donate and volunteer to help with this major project.

We urge you to get involved and we need your help. In tough economic times Bedford Wrestlers must take the lead and join forces with our entire Bedford sports community to ensure that the future of Bedford Wrestling is as amazing as its history.