Drive 4 UR School Fundraiser Event

fordWrestlingThe Drive 4 UR School program is a great way to help BEDFORD WRESTLING raise money to support our team. It only takes a few minutes of your time, doesn’t cost you a thing, but pays off BIG for Bedford wrestling. Brondes Ford partners with the wrestlers to conduct a test-drive fundraising event. For every valid test-drive completed (1 per address), Ford Motor Company will donate $20 to the participating high school, up to $6,000! So, the more people who test-drive a Ford vehicle at the event, the more money can be raised! This is one of the few fundraisers the wrestling team does, so we really depend on getting as many people involved as possible…we need at least 300 drivers in 3 hours for earn the full $6,000! Thanks for your support and please help us SPREAD THE WORD!!